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June 17, 2012 Bader Field Atlantic City, NJ Sources Review

The third night of an excellent run at Atlantic City didn't have quite the punch that the first two nights had, but it did offer a few choice nuggets that are worth a re-listen.  I would definitely recommend giving the 2001 a spin as well as the Reba that follows.  I want to thank the tapers again for their efforts in getting these shows into our hands.  I hate to apologize again to my readers, but life and tour got in the way of keeping these up as fast as I would like.  However, things look fairly open for the next several days, so I hope to get through nTelos this week and have the OH-PA-OH run up next week, with the Creeks to follow shortly there after.  Lots of good stuff to get to.  There are 7 sources for this evening.

Source 1 (hereafter M934c source)
Source: Schoeps m934c> M221B> PS> Aeta PSP-3> SD 722 (@24bit/96kHz)
Location: FOB, DFC, DIN, 6' Stand, m934c/cardioid
Transfer: SD 722> Samplitude SE 9.1.1(dither/resample)> CDWave> flac(16/44.1)

16 bit source
24 bit source

Source 2 (hereafter CCM4v source)
Source: Schoeps CCM4V'S(din)>Lunatec V2>Benchmark AD2K>
Sound Devices 722 (24/48)
Location: FOB/DFC 42' From Stage, 6' High
Transfer: Sound Devices 722>Sound Forge 9.0>CD Wave>flac(16)

16 bit source

Source 3 (hereafter MK22+MK8 source)
Source: Schoeps mk22 + mk8 [M-S]> Vark KCY> Darktrain 30' KCY Extension> Naiant Littlebox (onboard M-S conversion)> Sony m10 (@24bit/96kHz)
Location: FOB, DFC, ~6' Stand.
Transfer: Dithered to 16bit via Mbit II and resampled to 44.1kHz via iZotope

16 bit source
24 bit source

Source 4 (hereafter MK21 source)
Source: Schoeps mk21> KC5> M222> NT222> Aeta PSP-3> SD 744t (@24bit/96kHz)
Location: FOB, DFC, DIN, 6' Stand, NOS
Transfer: SD 744t> Samplitude SE 9.1.1(dither/resample)> CDWave> flac(16/44.1)

16 bit source
24 bit source

Source 5 (hereafter MK4v source)
Source: Schoeps Mk4v> KCY>Schoeps Vst 62IUg>Oade 248>Mytek 192 adc aes/spdif>R44(OCM)24/96
Location: FOB, DFC,Din, 6' Stand
Transfer:SDHC>Audacity 16/44>Amadeus Pro>xACT

16 bit source

Source 6 (hereafter MK41v source)
Source: Schoeps Mk41v(NOS)> KCY>Schoeps Vms5u>R44(OCM)24/96
Location: FOB, DFC 6' Stand
Transfer:SDHC>Audacity 16/44>Amadeus Pro>xACT

16 bit source

Source 7 (hereafter AKG source)
Source: AKG392's(Right of SBD behind TS rail) -> Hydra Silver XLR's -> Edirol UA-5 (Oade warm mod) -> Microtrack II 24 bit @ 48 Khz
Location:Omnidirectional 39" separation, 75 HZ bass rolloff, Mics aimed at PA Stacks, approximately 12 ft high on stand.
Transfer: Microtrack II-> USB -> PC-> CD WAVE Editor -> Adobe Audition 3.0 16/44.1 conversion -> Flac Frontend

16 bit source
24 bit source

Phish - 6/17/12 "Reba" from Phish on Vimeo.

The M934c source is my pick for the best of the night.  It is extremely clear sounding and the bass response is great.  The differences between this source and the MK21, and really the MK4v was right there too, are miniscule.  I slightly preferred the tone of the bass, it seemed a bit brighter, particularly on some of the really interesting stuff that Mike is doing at the beginning of 2001.  That said, if you already have the MK21 source, unless you are really obsessive, there is no reason to replace it.

The CCM4v source is pretty boomy and sounds a bit distant.

The MK22+MK8 source, like so many matrix mixes, has too much low-end without enough definition.

The MK21 source, as mentioned above, is excellent.  It is very clear with great separation.  The only differences between it and the M934c source are minor tonal differences.  If you already have this source, there is no need to switch.

The MK4v source is also quite good.  It doesn't have quite the separation of the MK21 or M934c source, but is still excellent.

The MK41v source is a bit boomier than the MK4v source or the MK21 or M934c source.

The AKG source is a bit thin on the low-end.  At points where Gordon is really dropping a bomb, the AKG's just kind of fade out.  Nowhere near the punch of the M934c or MK21 source.

Happy listening!

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